Volunteers Needed

Volunteer Coordinator – Michelle Siegrist
(Volunteers@ravenbands.org )

Have you signed up to volunteer? If not, we are always looking for additional help. Email Our Volunteer Coordinator and enjoy the fun of helping the kids and making new friends.

  • District Marching Festival Balloons

Help blow up and hand out balloons at the District Marching Festival.

  • Uniforms (check out and in)
Melanie Hamilton & Danna Dahl (Uniforms@ravenbands.org)

Help check out and back in marching uniforms for any marching event.

  • Plumes
Michelle Siegrist

Help distribute and collect plumes at any marching event when they wear their marching uniforms.

  • Raven Roadies
Karen & Tim Cunningham (Roadies@ravenbands.org)

Help load equipment and band bags in trailer and unload at game and then take back to school for any marching event. Basically, help move the band whenever they need to be moved.

  • Bleacher covers

Help put covers on the bleachers for football games to reserve the band’s seats and help protect their uniforms. Then take them off and roll them up when the game is over.

  • Chaperones

Walk with the band from school to CBAC, and back, or Old Settlers parade, or ride the bus with the band to various events.

  • Snacks/Water
Micky Schauf (Foodcoordinator@ravenbands.org)

Help hand out water and/or snacks during marching events.

  • Video tape / photos

Video tape or take pictures of any band event.

  • Blues & BBQ (General)

Various teams with different positions all working together for the premier event/fundraiser of the year which takes place in February.

  • Blues & BBQ Auction

Help put together and run the live and silent auction for Blues & BBQ which takes place in February.