• Amazing Save by Olathe Northwest Student

    Amazing Save by Olathe Northwest Student

    By Ainsley Heise and Rosie Boswell Over the summer, Eagle Scout Brian Hare saved his troop leader from drowning. Whilst rafting, Hare’s troop leader fell off the raft. Hare said he saw his leader “fighting for his life” while grabbing a tree branch. Out of instinct, Hare jumped off the […]

  • ONW Summer Trips

    ONW Summer Trips

    By Nina Rice Last summer, many Olathe Northwest students got the opportunity to travel with their classes to various European countries. The group of students went on trips to Spain and other countries in Europe, and both groups had fun despite the language and culture barrier. Despite the difficult culture, […]

  • Sikh Martial Arts

    Sikh Martial Arts

    By Brian Gonzaga There are many sports in and out of school, but have you ever wondered what other sports exist out of the common ones? Martial arts are very common, but ever seen or heard of martial arts with a sword? Two ONW Girls, EJ Kaur and Saibhang Kaur, partake […]

  • Cross Country capped off a great season at State

    Cross Country capped off a great season at State

    The cross country team competed at the KSHSAA State Championships at Rim Rock Farms. The weather was perfect for running at the time of the races. For the girls, who qualified as a team, placed 9th of 12 of the best 6a teams in the state. Junior Ashton Dain led […]

  • Lady Ravens Take On State

    Lady Ravens Take On State

    The Lady Raven volleyball team was back at it this weekend for a last time. They competed in Salina, hoping for a 3rd straight state title. Unfortunately they came up short of their goal placing 3rd. Although the ladies didn’t get the gold, they didn’t hang their heads. The ladies […]

  • ONW goes down in the rain against SMNW

    ONW goes down in the rain against SMNW

    The ONW Boys Soccer team took a tough loss against the SMNW Cougars. The Boys struggled early and gave up a goal early in the 2nd minute. The Ravens couldn’t pull things together giving up 3 more goals and eventually lost 4-0. The Ravens had a good season, but fell […]

  • Smashing the stress away

    Smashing the stress away

    On Wednesday, November 8th, Heartland Community Church opened their facilty up to teens who needed a break from the stress of school. To end the fall season, they provided 1,000 pumpkins for kids and teens to smash. This was a great way for students to find a place to release […]

  • Your Vote Makes a Difference

    Your Vote Makes a Difference

    By Nicole Warner November 6th, 2018 was the day for everyone across the nation to come and vote in the midterm election. The midterm election is where people can elect their representatives while the president is still in office. This midterm will not only change the government but the nation […]

  • How Social Media Affects Teenagers

    How Social Media Affects Teenagers

    By Tressa McIff Walking through the crowded hallways of almost any high school, it is a rare sight to see teenagers looking around at their surroundings or talking to friends rather than staring down at their phone. Even the few that aren’t focused on their phone in the hallway pull […]