Aerial Acrobats

Even with many activities sponsored by the school, some students look for more unique ways to spend their time. Lina Satterin is one of those students that has found something that not many high school students are even aware of; something she feels that represents her best.

In case you have heard of it (you may not have), aerial silks is a type of dance where an individual does a routine from fabric that hangs from the ceiling. The acrobatics require great core strength so that the performer is able to hold themselves up. Lina explains in the story why and how she got started in aerial silks. The skill has given her the chance to perform throughout the Kansas City in hopes that more people will learn more about the not very well known hobby.

Even Lily Beckwith, a long time friend of Lina’s, can attest to how difficult aerial silks is, saying “I think it’s really cool that Lina does aerial silks because it’s not very common.” Lina hopes to continue her talent for years to come in hopes of her long time growing so that more people can enjoy the way she does.