2014 Memories


Olathe Northwest has provided countless memories for hundreds of students throughout the years. From the first day they walk onto campus until their final day of actual school Olathe Northwest has been home to the graduating class of 2014 for four years, longer than any other graduating class. The walls that make up the halls of Olathe Northwest hold memories for the students that will graduate this year.

The students will likely remember their first day at this school just as vividly as their last day here. They can remember walking into the cavernous common area for the first time, overwhelmed by the enormity of the school, the situation and the Seniors that were already looking forward to graduating in a years time.

They will also remember the last time they walk the halls of Olathe Northwest, in line with their fellow Seniors, clad in the black gowns that signal graduation some in tears some joyously bounding up and down the halls ecstatic at the prospect that freedom is just around the corner.

Students can remember Friday nights spent standing, not sitting, in the metal bleachers at CBAC cheering on the football team under the lights not noticing the cold until the team leaves the field after singing the alma mater, gathered around the student section signaling the end of the game but not of the night.

Many will remember not knowing what was for lunch that day but ready to eat it anyways. While school lunch wasn’t always that appetizing or memorable the conversations, jokes, and struggles that where shared at various lunch tables throughout the years provide countless memories for students to cherish.

They will remember the bi annual blood drives that were advertised for half the year and the life saving contributions that their classmates made, even if some only gave after being pressured or persuaded by those in charge. The lifesaving didn’t end there, bone marrow drives although new brought in hundreds of new potential donors that one day may use their bone marrow to save a life.

The class of 2014 will remember that first introductory mixer that they went to nervous and excited at the prospect of meeting their new classmates, almost as fondly as they will remember their Senior prom and realization that their time in high school which as a freshmen seemed like and infinity is suddenly very finite.

Those graduating in 2014 will remember the hours they spent in their respective extracurricular activities and the culmination of all of their hard work. Whether that is three straight national titles, E-Magine, their final performance in the band, choir, orchestra or on stage, or various state and national competitions in athletics or robotics.

They will remember all the hard work they put into their schoolwork. The hours of homework, the long nights spent on a project due the next day and the last minute cramming even though their teachers told them not to.

The past four years has created stories and memories that will last the graduating class a lifetime. Before class of 2014 ever stepped foot into Olathe Northwest they were told that cherish high school because it would be over before you know it and until the final day of the final month of the final year of high school those that are living it right now didn’t realize that high school would be nothing but memories too quickly until it was too late.

The Class of 2014 created memories that no other class will ever have and those memories will be different for every graduating senior just as they are different for every single graduating class. Some of their memories will be happy, some sad and some funny but the important part is that everyone has memories and what is often considered the best time of your life will never be forgotten.

Because you’ll always have …