A national honor

National Honor Society: A prestigious organization made up of students from across the nation who excel both academically and within their communities. Students who maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.7 are invited to join NHS in the first semester of their junior year. Although many get invited to join, you cannot just freely enter into this group. Many things are required to be considered an official member, such as a certain amount of community service, good character, outstanding leadership, and excellent scholarship. These things are called the four pillars of National Honor Society. They are the qualities that all members must possess. Students from all across the country can become a member, as it is a nationally recognized organization.

Members of the Olathe Northwest National Honor Society are running Jeans for Teens, a charity drive run nationally by Aeropostale to help homeless teens across the nation. One in three homeless people in the United States is under the age of eighteen, an alarming statistic that many people are not aware of.  It’s a great cause run by a great organization!

The logo of the national honor society.