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  • Girls softball vs Lawrence High School

    Girls softball vs Lawrence High School

    The Olathe Northwest softball team took on the girls of Lawrence High last Tuesday. The Ravens defeated the Lions 13 – 9.                       Olathe Northwest Softball

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  • Wade McNaney and Biscuit

    Wade McNaney: A world class trainer

    Wade McNaney; when most Northwest students hear this name, they think of the pencil to the paper. What most may not think of when they hear the name? National Dog Trainer, and this outside passion has become a mere profession for this high school teacher. “It starts as a simple concept […]

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  • Celebration of Me

    Celebration of Me

    “I think it’s just great that we are all here in one place,” Jack Weafer said. The Celebration of Me, in its first year of existence, took the spotlight on Thursday, February 5th. This party was designed by Northwest’s own Interpersonal Skills class in which continues to find new, creative […]

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  • Richardson twins

    Richardson twins

    Olathe Northwest bands put in more work than meets the eye. Morning rehearsals during the fall, parades and competitions are busy enough on top of performing at games. Jordan and Jarrett Richardson, seniors at Northwest, have spent many hours putting in hard work. Jordan Richardson has taken on the role […]

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  • Newcomb: The Journey to 100

    Newcomb: The Journey to 100

      Last year Doug Newcomb was competing with top competition across the Sunflower league and state. This year, he is doing just about the same thing, only glorified with the title of a 100-win varsity wrestler. Newcomb has competed all across the nation in Iowa, Nebraska, Arizona, and even ranging to […]

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  • Trumpp captures "Arnold"

    Trumpp’s passion is more than a hobby

    Matt Trumpp gets stuck but still complacent in his 9 to 5 rut. Waking up, getting himself prepared, and teaching an eight-hour school day that can be somewhat repetitive. With constant lessons from hours 1-7 and lunch never coming soon enough, having an outside life is all in the balance. […]

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  • Nelson Atkins - Shuttlecocks

    Things to love about where we live

    Kansas: the bread basket of America, …but Kansas has so much more to love than it’s wheat, especially the area we live in. -Everyone in the area (including myself) has become a barbecue critic whether they’ve noticed or not. Going out to BBQ restaurants when on vacation, it’s just not […]

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  • First Fridays in the West bottoms

    First Fridays in the West bottoms

    Looking over the Kansas City skyline, most can point out the Union Station, the World War Two memorial or the Kauffman Performing Arts Center. However, if you search hard enough, you can find the heart of KC in the West bottoms. Old wear houses and factories harbor antiques and creations […]

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  • Stahl’s Passion Shows To Be Immeasurable

    Stahl’s Passion Shows To Be Immeasurable

    Olathe Northwest para Jonathan Stahl works day in and day out with some of the most inspiring individuals this school has to offer. He spoke on how his love and passion is what creates the immeasurable experience. When you accepted this job, what did you expect? When I accepted this […]

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  • Senior John Hickman

    Olathe Invitational Soccer Tournament

    The Varsity Soccer team competed in the Olathe Invitational Tournament which started last Tuesday through Saturday and ended with one victory and two losses. In the first game the team faced Blue Springs South and had a two-nothing advantage on the team at halftime. With 25 minutes left in the game Blue […]

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