Callbacks have officially been announced

With the last day of auditions coming to and end on Wednesday, Ms. Murphy posted a callback list late last night. With over 50 auditonees showing their skills Monday and Tuesday, Murphy had a tough time deciding whom to pick. With old faces and new faces appearing both Monday and Tuesday, Murphy was excited to see the amount of talent she had to work with. “I am looking forward to callbacks and seeing who comes in and takes their roles.” says Murphy.  Ian Anderson, Julie Linstra, Perla Armendariz, Kyle Lorey, Taylor Albaugh, Wyatt McCall, Kaleb Axe, Jack Mitchell, Monica Bone, Molly Murphy, Dalton Bowman, Nickels Nickelsen, Kaleigh Buehler, Nikki Odegbaro, Gary Carrillo, Fran Opheim, Anna Catron, Garrett Owen, Matt Cress, Abby Creek, Nick Dexter, Tyler Rickert, Alex Didlake, John Ruzzin, Dalton Edelyn, Lucas Scott, Emily Freeman, Connor Stefanik, Alec Fox, Kati Stephenson, Keyshawn Garraway, Haley Thompson, McKenzie Gimbert, Alex Womack, Braden Gramling, Austin Woods, Grace Horvat, Biz Young, Mattie Karr, Olivia Young, and Katie Langton, report to the drama room Friday, December 7th at 3:15. If your name is not on this list that does not mean that you will not be in the plays by any means! Good luck to all the Ravens that auditioned!