• How Social Media Affects Teenagers

    How Social Media Affects Teenagers

    By Tressa McIff Walking through the crowded hallways of almost any high school, it is a rare sight to see teenagers looking around at their surroundings or talking to friends rather than staring down at their phone. Even the few that aren’t focused on their phone in the hallway pull […]

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  • Everything Wrong with Suicide Prevention Week

    Everything Wrong with Suicide Prevention Week

    By Tressa McIff As most people probably know, September is suicide awareness month with suicide prevention week being the 9-15. In the Olathe School District, this means a poster competition, some short announcements, and a couple poorly made videos. What it doesn’t include, however, is actual, productive conversation and change. […]

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  • Why use Tumblr?

    Why use Tumblr?

    There are many social networking sites up and running with the teenage generation existing now. These networks include: Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Instagram, Pinterest, and Flickr. The newest and slowly rising network would be the media site with the name of “Tumblr.” Tumblr is used to meet new people, and to […]

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  • Nelson Atkins - Shuttlecocks

    Things to love about where we live

    Kansas: the bread basket of America, …but Kansas has so much more to love than it’s wheat, especially the area we live in. -Everyone in the area (including myself) has become a barbecue critic whether they’ve noticed or not. Going out to BBQ restaurants when on vacation, it’s just not […]

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  • First Fridays in the West bottoms

    First Fridays in the West bottoms

    Looking over the Kansas City skyline, most can point out the Union Station, the World War Two memorial or the Kauffman Performing Arts Center. However, if you search hard enough, you can find the heart of KC in the West bottoms. Old wear houses and factories harbor antiques and creations […]

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  • ONW year end review

    ONW year end review

    And just like that, the year is over. My junior year now completed, leaving me at the top of the pedestal coming back next fall. Becoming a senior finally hit me. The thought of my last year in high school put my parents and I in a stage of denial. […]

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  • 2014 Memories

    2014 Memories

    Memories. Olathe Northwest has provided countless memories for hundreds of students throughout the years. From the first day they walk onto campus until their final day of actual school Olathe Northwest has been home to the graduating class of 2014 for four years, longer than any other graduating class. The […]

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  • Teachers in the Summer

    Teachers in the Summer

    As May approaches the weather gets warmer, finals start rolling around and senioritis kicks in; however, students aren’t the only ones looking forward to no school. As a student, the obvious reason I’m looking forward to summer is the free time. During the school year, every weekend or after school students try […]

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  • Commentary: Blood Drive response by Madison Elliott

    Commentary: Blood Drive response by Madison Elliott

    We, the members of ONW Student Council, want to begin by saying thank you to all past, present, and future blood drive donors and volunteers who make each STUCO sponsored blood drive an overwhelming success.  It is because of you that we have been able to save lives through the […]

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  • The Blood of My Friends — An Opinion by Andrew Jordan

    The Blood of My Friends — An Opinion by Andrew Jordan

    I didn’t like something about yesterday. I want to begin by making it perfectly clear that donating blood has the ability to play a role in saving somebody’s life, and that I am a staunch supporter of donation and blood drives. I believe they are a great way to get […]

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