• Finals: How to Survive

    Finals: How to Survive

    The holiday spirit is creeping into our hearts as our break approaches, however before we get our break, there’s one very important task students must do: finals. Although the concept is all the same, each subject’s final looks a little bit different. Here’s a heads up on what to expect […]

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  • Thanksgiving: Traditional or Original?

    Thanksgiving: Traditional or Original?

    Thanksgiving is a time of year where family gets together and celebrates all they are thankful for. The way each family celebrates however is unique to their backgrounds or own family traditions. When most of us think Thanksgiving, we imagine the turkey, mashed potatoes and pie. That’s not all the […]

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  • Commentary: ONW Theatre

    Commentary: ONW Theatre

    Olathe Northwest theatre has been around since the beginning of ONW itself. It has put on three shows (a musical and two plays) a year for 10 years, and has been, for many, a way to get involved in theatre and support their school at the same time. My first […]

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  • The top 5 NBA buzzer beaters of all time

    The top 5 NBA buzzer beaters of all time

    The videos listened below are the best buzzer beaters in the NBA of all time. They are the best because a certain player stepped up when his team needed it most and made a shot to win the game. The shots don’t have to be fancy they just have to […]

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  • Tips on Spending Your New Cash

    Tips on Spending Your New Cash

    Congrats, newly drafted NBA players! Now you’ve been drafted. Next come the multi-million dollar contract and all the fame. And now’s the time to do what any NBA player would do, burn through your cash just as Kevin James burned through the Little Debbie factory. Filling out a job application […]

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  • Top Ten Things To Love About Fall

    Top Ten Things To Love About Fall

    Students are settling into the swing of school and the weather is settling down and away from the warm season we once loved. That’s right, Fall is here and we must embrace it with sweater clad arms. Whether you like Autumn or not, it’s moving in fast and there’s nothing […]

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  • How to get into Da Capo, fast!

    How to get into Da Capo, fast!

    Congrats, newly enrolled choir participant! Now that you’ve auditioned (and been accepted into the choir), your next goal should be making it to the top choir, Da Capo. You’re going to spend hours practicing at home until you know the music so well that it constantly runs through your mind. […]

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  • Weighed down by too much sportsmanship? Don’t worry I’m here to help.

    Weighed down by too much sportsmanship? Don’t worry I’m here to help.

    Congratulations newly sentenced Kansas Jayhawks sports fan! Now that you’ve unfortunately been born into the house of Kansas Jayhawk fans, you need to know the essentials of bleeding red and blue. Trash talking is a long standing tradition of all the Kansas sports fans, from basketball to baseball and maybe […]

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  • The Battle for the top

    The Battle for the top

    This coming Saturday, Nebraska faces their toughest opponent yet this season, Illinois. The battle for the win will be brutal considering they are both 3-1 so far this season and they haven’t played them since 1986. The Huskers are not only better than the Fighting Illini, but more importantly they […]

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  • When ONW Gymnastics Wins State

    When ONW Gymnastics Wins State

    Beginning in August at Olathe Northwest, the gymnastics team has dominated the field with a combination of dedication and talent that is nonexistent in the high school gymnastics season. The gymnastics team is not only a little better than the other teams, but they are ranked number 2 as of […]

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