• Sunflower Showdown

    Sunflower Showdown

    If you’re looking for a team that puts college basketball to shame, you should call Kansas State University. They’ve got it mastered. K-State has won only 1 out of every 9 games they play against Kansas University. It all started in 1865 when both Kansas and Kansas State University where […]

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  • Bullying: The deadly truth

    Bullying: The deadly truth

    There is always that one BIG issue in schools all around the world, and turns out most of the issues are the same. This epidemic takes place in every school and also outside of school grounds. This epidemic just happens to be bullying. Many students are affected by this big […]

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  • A tale of two Nebraska coaches

    A tale of two Nebraska coaches

    If you’re looking for a coach to tell you how to horribly coach Nebraska, then call up Bill Callahan Nebraska’s coach from 2004-2007. He knows how to do that extremely well. Callahan was hired after coach Frank Solich was fired after going 9-3 in the 2003 season. Nebraska wanted a […]

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  • Commentary: Driving while intexticated?

    Commentary: Driving while intexticated?

    “Hey whats up?” “Not much just going home you?” “Nothing. Wanna hang?” If you had sent that first message and the recipient had crashed his/her car, YOU could be held responsible. At least in New Jersey that is now the case. People who text drivers could be charged with negligence […]

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  • Homecoming Dance 2012.  Picture by Kylie Fales.

    Commentary: Is Homecoming Going Casual?

    Whether Homecoming should be casual or formal this year is a controversial matter that has been the talk of the halls the past couple of days. Recently it has been brought to the attention of the student body by Junior/ Senior Committee that a casual Homecoming is a possibility for this […]

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  • Tips and Tricks of the Lunchroom

    Tips and Tricks of the Lunchroom

    One of the most helpful things a student can do is make sure they have their student ID card. The cafeteria manager, Julie Murphy, who is constantly serving students knows the flow of the lunchroom, and one of the major thing’s she’s noticed is cards. “If you have your card, […]

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  • Creating a Pleasant Parking Lot

    Creating a Pleasant Parking Lot

    It’s the end of the first day of school. You’ve just spent eight hours meeting teachers and learning names. You’re still not used to the idea of summer being over, and can’t wait to get home and take a nap. As you walk out to your car you see moms […]

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