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  • Graham Dobbins goes all state

    Graham Dobbins goes all state

    With the 2011 Olathe Northwest soccer season coming to a close, senior Graham Dobbins was selected as an All State soccer player. Dobbins scored a school record of 19 goals this season, holds the school record for 10 assists, and a school record of a total of 48 points. He […]

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  • 11.22.11 ONW NOW

    Watch this week’s video broadcast, brought to you by the students of e-Communication’s Convergence Journalism program:

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  • Cram and cocoa night

    Cram and cocoa night

    Olathe Northwest will once again be having a “Cram and Cocoa” night for first semester finals.  Cram and Cocoa night is scheduled for December 12 and 13 from 6 to 8 p.m.  This is going to give students who participate a chance to come into the school and get some […]

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  • Fall sports highlights

    Video by Tanner Buzick

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  • Murals added to personalize ONW

    Murals added to personalize ONW

    You may have seen the eye-popping changes added to the events entrance here at ONW. These murals, about 6 feet by 6 feet, are cloth like pictures that represent and symbolize everything about the Olathe Northwest family. Ranging from sports, fans and activities, these murals are pure Raven Pride for […]

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  • ONW yearbook heads north

    ONW yearbook heads north

    On Thursday November 17, the yearbook staff will pack up their overnight bags and head out to spend a long weekend in Minneapolis, Minn. The National High School Journalism Convention is an annual conference that takes place in a different city every year, teaching students about journalism through workshops, keynote […]

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  • Mole day was a hit at Olathe Northwest

    Mole day was a hit at Olathe Northwest

    In chemistry, many measuring units are used everyday to conduct experiments, balance equations and many other procedures that make chemistry what it is now. Grams, liters and other units are used everyday, but one stands out from the others…the mole. A mole is equal to 6.02 times 10^23. This number […]

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