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  • New club flying into Olathe Northwest: Ultimate Frisbee

    New club flying into Olathe Northwest: Ultimate Frisbee

    A new club at Olathe Northwest, Ultimate Frisbee, wants to bring friends and strangers together through the game. Both presidents of the team, Ben Hanson and Karl Burg, had not played before this year. Karl Burg’s passion for this sport has grown so much that he played in a winter […]

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  • 8th grade transition day

    8th grade transition day

      Last Wednesday, the class of 2022 took a quick visit of the great Northwest. The 8th graders had an exciting day where they traveled from classroom to classroom learning about the core classes, extracurricular activities and how to be a Raven. Many of the kids can’t wait to be […]

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  • Spring Blood Drive 2018

    Spring Blood Drive 2018

        Last week Olathe Northwest StuCo held their second blood drive of the school year. Many people came out to try to donate, but in the end, only a few met the special requirements. Everyone has a different reason why they decided to donate, some people choose to donate […]

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  • Word from the Halls — Are you smarter than a 5th grader?

    Word from the Halls — Are you smarter than a 5th grader?

    Lina Sattarin and Ainsley Heise walked the halls of Olathe Northwest to find out if the students are smarter than a 5th grader.

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  • ONW Scholars Bowl

    ONW Scholars Bowl

    The ONW Scholars Bowl club is a growing club among students at Olathe Northwest. The club practices every Monday after school and competes in tournaments about one or two times a week. Tournaments are “quiz-bowl” style with multiple questions from many different topics that participants are expected to buzz in […]

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  • Personal Trainer Certification

    Personal Trainer Certification

    Alicia Whitmore a personal trainer for Genesis Health Clubs informs us the importance of having a certified personal trainers. Personal trainers without certification could seriously injury their clients and might not know all the safety information needed to be trainers. Whitmore was required years of training and schooling to acquire […]

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  • Health Expo

    Health Expo

    On December 8th, the P.E and weights classes held their 4th annual health expo. Personal trainers, police officers, and nutritionists gathered to inform the students of Olathe Northwest about how to lead a healthier life. Students were given the chance to perform resuscitation on a practice dummy, participate in various […]

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  • Aerial Acrobats

    Aerial Acrobats

    Even with many activities sponsored by the school, some students look for more unique ways to spend their time. Lina Satterin is one of those students that has found something that not many high school students are even aware of; something she feels that represents her best. In case you […]

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  • Word from the Halls: Hall-iday Edition

    Word from the Halls: Hall-iday Edition

      Happy Holidays, Ravens! With the holiday season approaching, Adam Cook and Roan Stanley toured the halls of Northwest to find out how much ONW knows about the most wonderful time of the year. Here’s Word from the Halls, Holiday Edition!

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  • 99.7 The Point Christmas Choir Competition

    99.7 The Point Christmas Choir Competition

    99.7 The Point holds a yearly Christmas choir competition between competing Kansas high school choirs. We dove deep into the story of ONW’s Da Capo choir’s chance to participate in this year’s competition. Get an inside look into Da Capo’s story here

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