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  • Amazing Save by Olathe Northwest Student

    Amazing Save by Olathe Northwest Student

    By Ainsley Heise and Rosie Boswell Over the summer, Eagle Scout Brian Hare saved his troop leader from drowning. Whilst rafting, Hare’s troop leader fell off the raft. Hare said he saw his leader “fighting for his life” while grabbing a tree branch. Out of instinct, Hare jumped off the […]

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  • ONW Summer Trips

    ONW Summer Trips

    By Nina Rice Last summer, many Olathe Northwest students got the opportunity to travel with their classes to various European countries. The group of students went on trips to Spain and other countries in Europe, and both groups had fun despite the language and culture barrier. Despite the difficult culture, […]

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  • Sikh Martial Arts

    Sikh Martial Arts

    By Brian Gonzaga There are many sports in and out of school, but have you ever wondered what other sports exist out of the common ones? Martial arts are very common, but ever seen or heard of martial arts with a sword? Two ONW Girls, EJ Kaur and Saibhang Kaur, partake […]

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  • Senior Sunrise

    Senior Sunrise

    By Nicole Warner On Friday, August 31st, the seniors bonded together in the early morning as they watched the sunrise and hung out before school started. This is a way to start to the school year of 2018-2019.  The Senior sunrise is a way to make new memories as Seniors […]

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  • Photo courtesy of Yahoo Images.

    Preparing for College

    By Rosie Boswell As another school year begins, many have started looking toward the future. After high school, many are looking to attend college. Senior Jack Schaal and sophomore Sarah Beachtel are looking to attend Kansas State University while junior Avery Amerio and freshman Grace Siegrist are focusing on preparing […]

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  • Sports Information Director students and ONW athletes preview the fall season

    Sports Information Director students and ONW athletes preview the fall season

    On Friday, August 24th, ONW’s Sports Information Director (SID) team hosted media day for fall sports in the flex theatre. Coaches were given the opportunity to promote their team, and players were able to discuss their personal goals and hopes for the season.  This was a great learning experience for […]

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  • ONW Student’s Legacy Lives On

    ONW Student’s Legacy Lives On

    Landon Daniel, who would have been a senior at Olathe Northwest (ONW) this year, passed away on Thursday, July 19 in a tragic three-car accident on K-10. Now, his legacy lives on through his family and friends. In his memory, Landon’s family has set up a Go Fund Me in […]

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  • ONW Student’s Journey to Walking

    ONW Student’s Journey to Walking

    By Rosie Boswell Olathe Northwest senior, Anna Sarol, is embarking on a new journey this year. Having been paralyzed since freshman year, Sarol’s life has been different from the average student. However, Sarol has recently been introduced to a new trial that has the potential to change her life. At […]

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  • Yearbooks: The Wait Is Over

    Yearbooks: The Wait Is Over

    By Tressa McIff Current and recently graduated Olathe Northwest (ONW) students flocked to the school on Thursday to collect their memories from the past year in the form of 300 page yearbooks. Yearbooks cost $50 and are available for students to pick up at registration for the next school year. […]

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  • ONW Summer Blood Drive

    ONW Summer Blood Drive

    Story by Jessica Brake Video by Addison Smith The Olathe Northwest (ONW) Student Council hosted their annual blood drive last Thursday in order to help save lives. The blood drive ended up being a huge success, with more than 100 people showing up to donate. Kate Miner, a member of […]

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