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  • Trunk or Treat

    Trunk or Treat

    This past Sunday, Olathe Northwest students held their annual Trunk-n’-Treat, giving children the opportunity to get candy in a safe environment. Organizations of all types participated, decorating trunks in themes such as Disney, country, Monsters’ Inc., and more.  Check out this video for more details on this special event.

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  • Mole Day is a smash hit

    Mole Day is a smash hit

    In science, a mole is the name for Avogadro’s number: 6.02 X 10^23rd. On October 23, ONW celebrated Mole Day by holding a Mole Day celebration in the Flex Theater. Chemistry students spent their class period being entertained by visuals of exciting chemistry in real life with fun demonstrations from […]

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  • Suicide Prevention

    Suicide Prevention

      Olathe Northwest has found a new way to get students involved in suicide prevention week. The student services has come together to create a poster contest, which will allow students to show their unique and creative sides. The winner’s poster design will be printed off and hung around the […]

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  • Drastic Drop in Football Numbers

    Drastic Drop in Football Numbers

      Olathe Northwest’s freshman football team showed a decrease in players this season and ended up with a 22 person team. There are many reasons for this decrease in numbers and some include the increase of concussion awareness along with the opening of the new Olathe West high school. “Numbers […]

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  • Students caught in disbelief, eclipse ruined

    Students caught in disbelief, eclipse ruined

    Students at Olathe Northwest High School had the opportunity to witness the Solar Eclipse on August 28th, 2017, as the Eclipse crossed paths with the midwest, giving Olathe a 99.4% totality view for the community. The Solar Eclipse is a rare event that occurs every so often that shows the […]

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  • Seniors gather for the last of their first’s

    Seniors gather for the last of their first’s

    Olathe Northwest Seniors host the first annual “Senior Sunrise” Wednesday, August 23rd. Rylee Kramer and Emma Phillips started the tradition to kick off the year watching the sunrise as a class and then at the end of the year they will watch the sunset to recap senior year. “It’s an […]

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  • Japanese exchange student experience American life at ONW

    Japanese exchange student experience American life at ONW

    Starting last month, ONW hosted several students from Maebashi, a town in central Japan. For 10 days, the exchange students got to experience American school, entertainment, food, and more.  Story by Luke Voelker.

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  • Nina Monzon

    Nina Monzon

    Everyone at Olathe Northwest has a special talent. I decided to sit down and interview Nina Monzon. Monzon, a senior at ONW has been modeling from a young age.  The color of her hair [Red] is very unique giving her advantages and helps make up for the extra inch of […]

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  • Cooking with Alysa and Rosie

    Cooking with Alysa and Rosie

    On Saturday February, 25 Alysa Clinton and Rosie Klausner made a video teaching students how to make Buffalo Chicken Dip. This cooking show will become a new segment on ONW NOW. In this episode they describe the process along with the ingredients students will use to create this dip. To […]

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  • Student Naturalist Field Trip

    Student Naturalist Field Trip

    Last Wednesday and Thursday the Student Naturalist classes at Olathe Northwest took a field trip to Shawnee Mission Park to do an orienteering course set up by teacher Mr. McRoberts. The course was a little under 2 miles long. After students went through the course they had a cookout of […]

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