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  • Intro to Industrial Tech Picture Frames

    Intro to Industrial Tech Picture Frames

    This holiday, the Intro to Industrial Tech class is creating their very own picture frames for people to purchase to use in their homes as well as learn about the mass production of a product. “It has a mirror on one side, and then two little picture frames on the […]

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  • Toys for Tots

    Toys for Tots

    Toys for Tots is a drive to collect toy donations for children. You can donate until December 23rd in the bin outside room 1126. They are accepting new, unwrapped toys as well as cash. By contributing one toy, you are putting a smile on a child’s face this Christmas. The […]

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  • Feature Story – Mr. Carter

    Feature Story – Mr. Carter

    From teaching math to instructing percussion for the ONW Band, Mr. Carter has been known for his many talents, but never expected to be teaching high school math. “I always thought I’d be band director growing up, so I went to KU to get my degree in music education, but while […]

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  • Olathe District Thespian Festival

    Olathe District Thespian Festival

    The Olathe School District held it’s first Thespian Festival here at ONW this Tuesday, November 29th. Students from several middle and high schools joined together with our own theater department to learn new skills, and to learn how to work among people they may not know. Andrea Bates, ONW Senior […]

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  • First Lego League Tournament 2016

    First Lego League Tournament 2016

    The first meeting of Lego League was held at Olathe Northwest on November 12, 2016. Students from 4th to 8th grade presented their lego robotics, tasks, and core values, along with a host of other possible awards to be won.

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  • First Annual ONW Craft Fair

    First Annual ONW Craft Fair

    Last Saturday, the first annual ONW Craft Fair was held in the Auxiliary gym. This event gave shoppers the opportunity to purchase one-of-a-kind gifts early in the holiday season. Chelsea Pepmiller, the event organizer, and 1710 Robotics mentor, expressed her excitement over the Craft Fair. All proceeds from the fair […]

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  • Beauty and the Beast

    Beauty and the Beast

    This year the Olathe Northwest Theatre program is going above and beyond their bar of success. Beauty and the Beast is anticipated to be another vibrant and successful musical. Cast members and crew have worked countless hours to showcase their hard work, talent, and dedication. Because the program has had […]

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  • ONW Marching Band Wins Heart Of America Marching Festival

    ONW Marching Band Wins Heart Of America Marching Festival

    The Olathe Northwest Marching Band finished off their season at the Heart of America Marching Festival at The University of Kansas last Saturday. The band was awarded overall Grand Champion and won Caption awards for best Color Guard and Music Performance. “It was a mix of excitement and joy, [and] […]

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  • LTAB Members Featured on KCPT

    LTAB Members Featured on KCPT

    On October 9th, three members of Louder Than A Bomb went to the premiere of the Hamilton Documentary. Lily Hooks, Teren Holliday, and Victoria Kepner were also invited to perform their own poems at the event. The poems were about the history of Hamilton and how it affected them. Lily, […]

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  • Mole Day Recap

    Mole Day Recap

    In science, a mole is the name for Avogadro’s number: 6.02 X 10^23rd. In the science world, it was once said that on October 23rd, at 6:02 in the morning, scientists were supposed to celebrate the mole. On October 18, ONW celebrated Mole Day by holding a Mole Day celebration […]

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