Celebration of Me

“I think it’s just great that we are all here in one place,” Jack Weafer said.

The Celebration of Me, in its first year of existence, took the spotlight on Thursday, February 5th. This party was designed by Northwest’s own Interpersonal Skills class in which continues to find new, creative ways to bring a community of friends into a unity of friends.

“It was something I wont forget, I’ll always remember the friends I gained from this event,” said Merl Walls, an IPS student.

Students participated in a collective from dancing to coloring to developing new friendships. All hands were on deck when the Northwest band made an appearance with their latest blend of brass instrumentals, followed by a creative solo by Mr. Anderson and his harmonica.

The next greatest highlight of the celebration was unforgettable for three young men in the IPS class. Robbie Tolman, Levi Bucholtz, and Kyle Winegar were all asked to attend the Women Pay All Dance with three different senior ravens.

“Overall, the event was huge success,” said para Jonathan Stahl. “I wont ever forgot the smile’s I witnessed on my students faces and for them to get the opportunity to attend a dance is something they will hold on to for the rest of their lives.”

The takeaway was greater than the expectation, of course. The day was a success for all ages as the Celebration of Me is hopeful to live to see another year.