Fast Food in America

Have you ever worked in a fast food place? Most people would say yes. Around 3.65 million jobs are occupied by fast food, according to Statista. Many people work in fast food, and those workers wanna tell us about the conditions and experience working in fast food.

Briley Robinson, a manager at Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers off of 115th and Blackbob, says that he has been working at Freddy’s, his first job, for three years, in hopes to make his way “past general manager.” The restaurant, in his eyes, is run quite well, with him saying people, including himself, were “treated pretty fairly.” The quality of the restaurant is also pretty good.

In a new survey, conducted by TheStreet, says that McDonald’s has some of the worst quality food in fast food. However, the workers themselves on Quora state that working at McDonald’s has been one of the funnest jobs they’ve had. They made “lifelong friends” and got free food, while other workers found themselves “physically and emotionally…drained at work and after.” Some found the work had “extremely high standards,” but they accepted this was part of fast food.

“But one thing I will never forget and will always be grateful for are the friendships that I had made…As a first job, it was a truly wonderful experience overall and I look back at it fondly.”
~Anonymous comment on Quora