Feature Story – Mr. Carter

From teaching math to instructing percussion for the ONW Band, Mr. Carter has been known for his many talents, but never expected to be teaching high school math. “I always thought I’d be band director growing up, so I went to KU to get my degree in music education, but while I was there I switched to math and I got my degree in mathematics and my certification to teach, so I could become a math teacher” Carter said. While he attended KU, Mr. Carter was also involved with the KU Pep Band, and was even made an appearance on the ESPN broadcast of the Kansas vs Texas basketball game in 2012. Although, he has been on national television, the transition to math wasn’t what he expected it to be. “The percussion instructor said [I] needed to become a professional percussionist, but I said that’s not what I want to do, I want to teach, and she ultimately presented an ultimatum said that if you are going to stay in my studio, you need to be a performance major, and I said no… I want to be a teacher” Carter said. This is Mr. Carter’s 3rd year here at ONW and currently teaches Algebra 3/Trig and a class called Senior Algebra. Mr. Carter is very excited to be here at ONW.