Football Gardner-Egerton v. Olathe Northwest

Olathe Northwest went head to head against Gardner-Egerton last Friday night on October 29 at CBAC. The Ravens started off strong with the defensive line keeping Gardner- Egerton off Raven territory. Soon in the first quarter, the Ravens managed to get their first touchdown of the  night when Easton Crupper zipped the ball to Joe Hatzfeld. Unfortunately, Gardner Egerton’s defense was able to block the ball during field goal leading up to the Ravens leading 6 to nothing. During the second half, Crupper played ball to Elijah Roland who was able to pass three of the Blazer’s defense and scoring a touchdown. Though the Blazer’s started fighting back as Hunter Skeens scored two touchdowns, as well as Jesse May scoring one.

The Ravens had one more chance to fight during the last minutes of fourth quarter Crupper’s ball to Elijah Roland was picked off and the Blazer’s defense ran back to Raven territory. It was a sad day for the Ravens as they lost yet another heartbreaker, ending the season with a 3 in 6. That’s it for this football season, see you all next year!