Hansen brothers

Alex and Austin Hansen have both had success on the Olathe Northwest baseball team. Both athletes push each other to compete and perform at their best performance. With Alex being a sophomore he has little playing time onHansen Varsity; but gets to suit up and sub in to run or play an inning or two at different infield positions.

“Having my brother on the team is fun because we get to hang out since we’ve never played on the same team before.” Austin said.

Both brothers love for baseball is beneficial for the team with the amount of effort each puts in. Austin being a returning Varsity player and a key pitcher in the starting rotation has provided a good example of leadership for his younger brother Alex.

“ Having Austin on the team helps us push each other everyday, and effects, me in a positive way because I know there is someone watching out for me” Alex said.

IMG_6659Having Austin on the team will be beneficial in the future for the Ravens because this will help Alex get a clear picture of what it’s like to be a leader on the team. Both brothers play the same position; with having Austin showing Alex the ropes this will greatly impact Alex when he moves up to Varsity.

Austin does more than play shortstop he pitches and is one of the starting pitchers. Austin is on track to break many of the school records. Alex looks up to his brother for advice and competition.

“My brother and I work out at home” Austin said.

Both Alex and Austin work out at home on drills such as, hitting off of a tee, short hops, or taking grounders. Both brothers compete and push each other to see who will be the best. They also joke around on and off the field and enjoy playing baseball with each other.

“I hope he has fun playing the game and wants to go D1” Austin said.

Austin is going to Oklahoma on an academic scholarship. Alex is a sophomore and is still working to get offers from different colleges.