Have you ordered your prom flowers?

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A corsage from Jennifer's Flowers and Events.

Spring is not only known for the fantastic weather and baseball. Spring also means prom season! Prom is a very exciting time of year. The classic getting asked by your date in a special way, finding that perfect dress, going out to dinner with all of your friends, and lastly ordering a customized boutonnière or corsage for your lovely date.  Many floral shops stay very busy when prom season comes around due to all the orders. Many places you can order your homemade flowers from consist of Hyvee Floral Shop, Price Chopper Floral Shop, Jennifer’s Flowers, etc. If you are in a price budget many floral shops will be happy to coordinate a decent price for you. Boutonnières and corsages usually range from $11 to $15.  When ordering your flowers you have many options on customizing them. You are able to pick the color ribbon and color flower to match your date’s attire. I sat down with Jennifer Baker from Jennifer’s Flowers and Events to get more information about the making of the flowers.

“A corsage takes 45 minutes to one hour because of the level of detail we create. A boutonnière takes 15 minutes to a half hour. All embellishments are hand made and each corsage comes on a keepsake bracelet that can be worn after prom, “ Jennifer Barker said.

Many corsages and boutonnières can be kept after prom. They are a very valid memento from the night of the prom. A way you can make it last longer is hang the flower upside down so all of its nutrients go to the pedals of the flower and you can keep your flower to remind you of all the fond memories of the night.


A buotonniere from Jennifer's Flowers and Events.

“My favorite part about making the flowers is the embellishment and the response from the customer when they see what we’ve made,” Barker said.

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