Homecoming male senior court


Homecoming is around the corner and the candidates have been chosen, for the senior class. The boys are Nickels Nickelsen, Lin Lu, and Robert Boschma. Given this great opportunity all of the candidates are thrilled to be on court.

“I didn’t expect to be nominated,” said Nickelsen, “I didn’t even think about running.”

It is a really exciting thing that very few high school students get to experience, being surprised with the nominations. Many candidates were caught off guard, but at the same time very refreshed and excited with the opportunity to go through the process.

Lin Lu is involved in many Olathe Northwest clubs and activities including the following- Orchestra, battle bots and mathematics team.

“I never thought this would happen to me,” said Lu

Senior Robert Boschma is thrilled over his nomination. Boschma is involved in Soccer, football, RFC, link crew and Nation Honors Society.

“I was a little surprised but at the same time very excited,” said Boschma.

Nickels said the best part of his experience so far is getting to know the other male candidates, and filming at union station. Boschma agreeing, Union Station filming was a lot of fun and a great way to get to know the fellow candidates better.

“I guess people don’t mind me, I’m very happy to have the privilege,” said Nickelsen.

He is also involved in ONW theatre, choir, E-communication, Improv Troupe, RSC and National Honors Society.

Being given this opportunity all of the candidates are wanting to win.