Inflatables can be more than just a decoration during the holidays

By: Addison Smith & Sarah Miguel 
Around the holidays in 1999 Paul Craig’s mother passed away from leukemia. With the tragic events, Craig became a scrooge during the holidays. When inflatables came out Craig decided to purchase his very own penguin inflatable since his wife loved the animal. Eventually one inflatable turned to 3 and so on and now Craig has nearly 175 inflatables in his yard.
Each year Craig starts preparing right after Halloween with the help of his friends. Craig puts up the attraction and brings in a bunch of viewers each year. His house has even begun to bring in the regulars and has become a family tradition for people in the community. His attraction features multiple inflatables, a holiday movie each night, and even fake snow, which he says a favorite among the children that visit.
Although Craig loves the holidays and putting up the inflatables, he wanted to bring a new meaning to his penguins and raise money for the leukemia lymphoma society. Even though donations aren’t required, Craig has raised $42,000 in total, and he has set a goal for $50,000 in total by the end of the 2017 season.