Jeans for Teens

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Starting Jan 25, NHS will be holding a “Jeans for Teens” drive to help provide jeans for teens in need. Jeans for Teens is a campaign created by Aeropostale and that collects jeans to give to homeless teens. If you have a pair of old jeans that you don’t wear, please bring them in for this great cause. There will be a bin in the library with a sign that reads Jeans for Teens. All you have to do is bring your old pair of jeans and drop them off in the bin. There will be sheet where you can sign after donated your jeans. By signing this sheet, you will be able to receive a 20 percent off coupon at any Aeropostable store. Your old pair or pairs of jeans support homeless teens who are in dire need of proper clothing. This drive will only last until Feb 25, so bring in your jeans ASAP.  Contact any of the NHS senior officers Ankhita Samuel, Harsimran Singh, Emily Smith or Elena Burg for more information.




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