Job Olympics

A special needs group here at Olathe Northwest overcame adversity even with their flawed capabilities. These young competitors contended in situations to benefit them later in life, and to aid them for real world bearings.

The competition was taken place last Wednesday at Johnson County Community College, and every school in the Sunflower League was in attendance. Jonathan Stahl, a Para here at Olathe Northwest, explains the essence of job Olympics.

“It was great to see all of the kids come together and work hard,” Stahl said. “It was awesome to examine the interactions taken place that day, and I look forward to the Olympics every year.”

The skills they performed were paper shredding, silverware sorting, job interviews, vacuuming, floor mopping, laundry, coin recognition, and money counting. These tasks are so transparent, but are necessary to survive in the real world. Entering this competition was all about having fun and that is all the inner personal skills class was there to do.

“A lot of schools prepare all year for this. Almost like the competition is their final or big test for the year. We like to make it fun and let the kids enjoy themselves,” Stahl said.

We had a few standouts at the Olympics and those were Jack Weafer and Kevin Rosales. Weafer took third place in the job interview category and Rosales took third in the job application division.

The life skills room only had two placers, but everybody did remarkably well, especially considering they were given a task at random and expected to perform to the highest potential.

Olathe Northwest gives thanks to the life skills classroom for representing our school, and had been supporting them every step of the way. The school would like to see them in a career after high school, but still remember who made them the people they are today.