Olathe Northwest Blood Drive

The Olathe Northwest Blood Drive is being hosted here through the Community Blood Center Friday, November 15 by the Student Council in honor of Zach Myers.

ONW has been taking on blood drives like champions through the years, currently holding the title of being the largest blood drive two years in a row in Kansas and Missouri. We also have the largest high school blood drive in Kansas with a record of 500 pints collected last year. However, this year there are not as many donors signed up as last year which is key to tying or breaking our record. The main thing is the lack of upperclassman getting involved and signing up.

Photo by Tyler Gloshen
Photo by Tyler Gloshen

STUCO so far has done an amazing job with getting the word out under the lead of Kathleen Ingles. Madison Elliott , the Jr. Class Rep is taking on the task of the blood drive along side her fearless STUCO leaders.

“We’ve been calling businesses for donations, publicizing and making announcements at lunch, but we still need more donors,” said Elliott.

At parent teacher conferences here and at feeder elementary schools, STUCO did their best of getting parents to sign up. With the parents, students and teachers ready to donate, around 230 out of the 400 available appointments have been filled.

If you’re thinking about signing up, here’s a few things you need to know.

  • You must be at least 16 years old to donate and a parent consent form is also needed if under 18
  • You must weight 115 lbs in order to donate
  • Before you donate, make sure you prepare your body by drinking water, getting a good nights rest and eating salty foods, proteins and breakfast the morning of the donation
  • It takes around 30 minutes to give one pint
  • Two pints can take closer to an hour depending on how well you prepare
  • If you donate a gallon (four pints) of blood during your high school career, you get a Gallon Cord to wear at graduation
  • The most needed blood type is A-
  • O is a universal donor which can go to any blood types
  • Donating could cause some side effects such as becoming faint, fainting, sickness or soreness around the arm

If you’re thinking about signing up, sign up. We need the help.Participants will be entered into drawings including a prize of a necklace from Helzberg Diamonds. You can sign up until lunch the Friday of the donation. Appointments start as early as 7:00 am until 2 pm.