Olathe schools come together to celebrate Halloween

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On Wednesday during fifth hour, nearly 100 students, teachers and volunteers gathered in the flex theatre of Olathe Northwest to participate in a plethora of Halloween festivities. The point of these activities was to unite everyone involved in the Life Skills department throughout all four Olathe high schools.

Students gather for a few snacks as they anticipate the first Halloween activity.

First and fifth hour peer-mentoring students contributed to the entertainment by dressing up in costumes, bringing in food, coming up with games to play and embellishing the flex theatre with spooky décor.

“I am really happy all of the high schools were able to come together and have fun like this. It’s nice to meet all these people who love to help out,” Senior Sam Saunders, peer-mentor, said.

Overall, the party was a success. New friendships were made, and if the guests have it their way, more will be established in years to come.

Senior Kendra Baskin is one of the many participants eager for the next go around.

“It would be fun to do this again because the music is good and decorations are pretty. I had a lot of fun,” Baskin said.

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