ONW Student’s Legacy Lives On

Landon Daniel, who would have been a senior at Olathe Northwest (ONW) this year, passed away on Thursday, July 19 in a tragic three-car accident on K-10.

Now, his legacy lives on through his family and friends. In his memory, Landon’s family has set up a Go Fund Me in order to raise money for the Landon Daniel Memorial Scholarship.

Due to Landon’s love for the University of Kansas (KU), their goal is to raise money to grant a small scholarship to anyone in the ONW 2019 graduating class who will be attending KU, as well as many of Landon’s close friends. If enough money is raised, they hope to make the scholarship more long-term, making it available to incoming KU freshmen pursuing broadcast or sports journalism.

The Daniel family has already raised over $50,000 and more is constantly being donated by loving friends, family and community members. Along with collecting donations, Landon’s friend, Zach Molzer, is selling T-shirts to help raise money for the scholarship and carry on Landon’s memory.

Molzer began selling shirts on the first Monday after school started and sold out a few days later on Wednesday, raising $2,000 in only two days. “It’s unbelievable how everybody can get together like that and put money in for a really good cause,” Molzer said.

Landon was known as “The King” by his friends. This nickname is reflected on the T-shirts with a crown on the front and “#BeLegendaryLD” written on the backs of the shirts. “He was The King and he’ll be remembered as The King,” Jake Dahmer, Landon’s friend, said.

Molzer is currently working on creating new T-shirt designs so if you missed out, don’t worry. New shirts will be for sale for $20 during homecoming week.

Dahmer was in Europe when he heard the news of Landon’s death. A few days after hearing the news, Dahmer was in Paris feeling helpless. He and some of Landon’s friends decided to buy a “love lock” as part of a Paris tradition, which is a way of forever commemorating love. They found a gold lock in a convenience store and had it engraved with “Landon Daniel: Long Live the King” and “7/19/18” at the bottom. They then found a bridge to lock it onto and threw the key far into the river.

Both Dahmer and Molzer are dedicated to carrying on Landon’s legacy of living life to the fullest and bringing happiness into the lives of others. “He touched every single person he met,” Molzer said.

Dahmer and Molzer agreed that Landon was a very special person that could instantly lift people’s spirits when they were down. “Landon has always been like a thing of jumper cables. Like, you could be dead one day and you literally just see him and it instantly puts a smile on your face,” Dahmer said.

If there’s one positive lesson that can be learned from Landon’s tragic death it’s that everyone should live their life with no regrets. “Live your life to the fullest every day and do everything for him. Just strive—strive for greatness cause that’s what LD would have wanted,” Molzer said.