ONW Students Wins Shakespeare Competition

Theatre Enthusiast Wyatt McCall takes his talent capability to a new extreme with entering (and winning) the Kansas City’s Annul Shakespeare Competition. Each entry must read an excerpt form one of Shakespeare’s plays. McCall won the competition amongst 14 other students, with a monologue from Richard III in which he was speaking as Richard III, Sonnet 61. Wyatt was as cool as a cucumber while performing. “I wasn’t that nervous because I knew my pieces, I was more excited than anything. I really feel a connection to Shakespeare’s pieces, I think they are so clever and dramatic, so I was excited to display that throughout my sonnet. ” McCall won the whole competition, which means he obtained the honor of being sent to New York City for the next round of the contest. The competition will run a little differently in NYC then in kanas. The next leg of the competition, he has two rounds as opposed to one. The first round, McCall will preform the same pieces that he did in regionals, but the new second round is what they call a cold read. A cold reading is where the performer has never seen the piece before and they have 10 minutes to practice it before they go in front the judges. The actors will be given a teleprompter with the new Shakespeare piece, since they wouldn’t have it memorized in time. McCall feels privileged to participate in this and looks forward to going to New York City on April 21-23. Mrs. Murphy, McCalls theatre teacher who provided him with many words of a advice couldn’t be more proud. “I always expected something like this from Wyatt, he has a lot of talent and detication and i believe he really deserves this.” Mrs. Murphy will be most likely joining McCall in his trip to New York City. Best of luck Wyatt!