ONW year end review

ClassicRavenonBlackBackground-300x260And just like that, the year is over. My junior year now completed, leaving me at the top of the pedestal coming back next fall.

Becoming a senior finally hit me. The thought of my last year in high school put my parents and I in a stage of denial. It took about a week to come to the realization, but somehow I began to reflect on why I’ll always remember my junior year.

I guess the memories that were in the making, and the events I was a part of, had something to do with it.

The moment I will never forget is Mason Andrade taking his three point shot against Olathe South. I remember getting chills throughout my whole body just by looking at his surreal smile. When the moment came for his big shot, the student section went crazy with excitement, and I recall tears of joy running down my face.

Mason is autistic, but is still a fan favorite at Northwest. Nobody treats him differently, and everybody knows not to do so. This character has been the basketball manager for ONW all four years of his high school career, and was yet to miss a game or practice.

After his big moment, his face had one of those expressions that are impossible to forget. You could tell that Mason had never felt more at peace, and I know for sure that this opportunity meant more than the world to him.

There was a quote that Coach Mike Grove had said about Mason before the shot. This comment describes Mason perfectly, and I could recite this excerpt any day, anywhere, at anytime.

“If I had one word to describe Mason it’s ‘selflessness.’ He does what he’s told with great pride and energy for his school, and teammates. The community here at Northwest really respects that,” Coach Mike Grove said.

The next memory was the Katy Perry Roar video. This was a product that was lead by our fellow ecommunication instructor Anna- Lynn Morris. The final product proved that Olathe Northwest was one big team.

Katy Perry had hosted a worldwide contest to see which school had the most school spirit. A music video of her latest hit “Roar”, had to of been submitted to Katy Perry, the judge herself. She promised to come out and give a live performance to school that won, but we were less fortunate.

The video had included our entire school, and it was a symbol that ONW was capable of accomplishing anything. Unfortunately, our video did not win, but we undeniably won morally. In our hearts, we were the Victorians without question.

After Katy Perry ended up choosing a different school, devastation was at its finest throughout the hallways. With the hard work, and the school spirit put behind the making of that video, we felt as if we were more deserving than Lakewood High School.

To me, I highly doubt that any other school collaborated a story line as good as ours. Other than the lip dub, Northwest keeps proving that we’re one big family.

The next highlight of my year was hearing that the dance team brought home their 3rd consecutive national title.

I remember coming home after a busy weekend, and seeing on twitter that that dance team had done it again. Most people don’t appreciate the dance team, but after I discovered how much hard work they put in on a day to day basis, these ladies have nothing but my respect.

After a final score of 9.342, the dance ladies continued to prove their stripes. The gold was brought home from Orlando Florida, along with some leather jackets that engraved “NDA National Champions”.

The banner proving their victory, is now being hung up next to the other two in the east gym. Don’t ask me why the east gym and not the main gym, because I still ask myself the same question.

The dance team is more deserving than what the school makes them out to be. Why not hang their national championship banners in the main gym?

I tip my hat to these ladies because I witnessed their day to day routine, and let me tell you folks, I saw the definition of hard work. The Raven Dance team is already in preparations for next year, and yet are still determined. You could say a four peat is already in the cards.

As this year is halting to an end, I’d like to thank the graduating seniors. You guys have set the example of how we ravens do things, and your presence will definitely be missed.

The memories ONW has provided for you hopefully last a lifetime. We underclassmen, give you thanks for all of your hard work, and we wish you the absolute best with your plans after high school. You will be dearly missed.

Thank you.