Personal Trainer Certification

Alicia Whitmore a personal trainer for Genesis Health Clubs informs us the importance of having a certified personal trainers. Personal trainers without certification could seriously injury their clients and might not know all the safety information needed to be trainers.

Whitmore was required years of training and schooling to acquire her certification.  “I do believe that clients should have certified trainers, I think its kind of a no brainer. Why would you want someone in the field that doesn’t know what they are doing.” Whitmore has spent years working had to be a trainer and enjoys her job, as well as all the hard work she has put into it. More and more people today have been hired without certification and if their clients could get injured, then lots of precautions are made and those people could possibly loose their jobs.

If your looking into hitting the gym after the holiday season Whitmore suggest you ask your trainers about their certification to make sure your safety is secure and your getting the correct training your looking for.