Setting the Bar

Many people have never looked at weight lifting as more than a way to workout and get in shape. What if I told you that wasn’t the case? Ty Kennedy and Ms. Maring have made a hobby out of the relatively unknow sport of Olympic Style Weightlifting.

They began training together at Olathe Crossfit a few months ago and haven’t looked back. Their Olympic style weightlifting competitions take them all around the Kansas City area. During competitions they participate in the snatch and clean and jerk. Each participant will do each thing three times and then take the best scores from each. The scores are added together to get a competitor’s score. And even though Ty has only been lifting for a short time, he has set the bar high for himself by talking about how he hopes to make nationals in the coming months.

Ms. Maring also encouraged people to get into the sport, saying “…I would advise you to try it…it’s something after you start you just become addicted.” It is a growing sport in the U.S. that is fun for those who have never really had a sport to play.