Sikh Martial Arts

By Brian Gonzaga

There are many sports in and out of school, but have you ever wondered what other sports exist out of the common ones?

Martial arts are very common, but ever seen or heard of martial arts with a sword? Two ONW Girls, EJ Kaur and Saibhang Kaur, partake in a dangerous sport known as Sikh Martial Arts as a part of their culture and as a way for them to get more involved in their community. “ It’s a fun way for us to get together with our community. This way of martial arts is a great way for us to find more about our culture and religion,” said EJ Kaur.

To us this seems like such a dangerous thing to partake in, and you would be right. “One time, I failed to block and her sword cut my thumb, and I had to get stitches,” said Saibhang Kaur. But aside from the dangers, these two have taken time and dedication and have gotten good enough to not fear the sport. For them this isn’t simply a sport, this sport is for protecting the people of their culture and religion, and focusing on others instead of oneself.

For them this is more than a sport, for them this is a way of life, something they can call a part of them and their people. It gives them a meaning to what they believe and what they live by day to day. As a final question we were curious to see if they would ever stop and a simple reply was given. These two are proud of who they are and their community and more than glad to continue spreading what they do and why they do so.