Students caught in disbelief, eclipse ruined

Students at Olathe Northwest High School had the opportunity to witness the Solar Eclipse on August 28th, 2017, as the Eclipse crossed paths with the midwest, giving Olathe a 99.4% totality view for the community. The Solar Eclipse is a rare event that occurs every so often that shows the sun crossing paths with the moon’s shadow, making it a spectacular event to watch.

But students at Olathe Northwest were disappointed as the clouds had something to say about the spectacular event. “We were hoping everyone could see it because it was a once in a lifetime experience, but unfortunately the clouds interfered with our initial plan” said Olathe Northwest Advisor Tracy Maring. “The experience was great until the clouds showed up, kind of ruining the fun and the eclipse” stated Olathe Northwest student Youssef Elbertai. The scene was quiet, with students left in disbelief, in the dark, no sight of the totality of the eclipse.

Fortunately, students may possibly have the chance to witness the spectacular in 2024 where the sun will once again cross paths with the moon’s shadow once again. Hopefully, no clouds will be in the way to foil the day.


ONW Raven Daily’s Jacob Guernsey