Teachers in the Summer


As May approaches the weather gets warmer, finals start rolling around and senioritis kicks in; however, students aren’t the only ones looking forward to no school.

As a student, the obvious reason I’m looking forward to summer is the free time. During the school year, every weekend or after school students try and squeeze in time with family, friends or just relaxing by themselves, but let’s be honest, this time is hard to find with sports and homework and volunteering and jobs… summer is basically one continuous, sunny Saturday.

As Mrs. Ingles says, “we probably don’t do anything different than you guys do.”

Mrs. Ingles (history teacher) and Mrs. Morris (e-Comm teacher) both are excited for a flexible schedule.

Ingles enjoys a later start, travels and visits friends, which sounds a lot like what students do. Not having a structured schedule seems to be a common theme among everyone during the summer months.

“I don’t have to be anywhere at anytime in particular,” says Morris.

Mrs. Morris is also eager to spend time with her kids, tan and maybe even get into some classes through a doctoral program.

Mark Robinson, honors chemistry and physics teacher, is kicking off his summer with a summer conference. This conference lasts about three to four days throughout  the district which consists of classes and lectures for and done by teachers. Robinson is participating in a Flipped Learning seminar. This conference betters teachers and helps them come up with different teaching styles and lesson plans for next year. In addition to this conference, Robinson is planning to attend an AP Chemistry conference in July. Robinson enjoys his summer like other teachers as well: spending time with his family. Trips to the Ozarks like most students take to the lake are also something Robinson and his family like to do.

To teachers and students alike, everyone have a fun summer!