Thanksgiving: Traditional or Original?

Thanksgiving is a time of year where family gets together and celebrates all they are thankful for. The way each family celebrates however is unique to their backgrounds or own family traditions. When most of us think Thanksgiving, we imagine the turkey, mashed potatoes and pie. That’s not all the Thanksgiving food is though. Each year on the fourth Thursday of November, families break out their own foods and make their own traditions out of their original ideas. thanksgiving-rays-family

Personally, my family sticks with the whole Turkey get up and I’m fine with that. For me, it’s all I’ve known but I have nothing against it. A traditional Thanksgiving for me consists of the turkey, brisket, ham, green beans, potatoes, gravy, rolls, cranberry sauce, casseroles and enough desert to fill up a dining room table (as well as fill each stomach in my extended family). After we stuff ourselves, we sit around watching whatever football game is on.

Pedro von Simson, junior at Northwest, brings in his Brazilian background each year with his family by going to Fogo de Chão. This Brazilian steak restaurant is located on the plaza in Kansas City. After his steak dinner with other Brazilian dishes, he ends his Thanksgiving with the plaza lights.

Collin Gerstner, also a junior at ONW, has multiple Thanksgivings with his family. He celebrates on Thanksgiving with his father’s side of the family and the day after he celebrates with his mother’s side. Twice the food? Works for me.

Some people around Thanksgiving take trips to visit family or friends around the country. Kayla Bronaugh travels to Texas or Virginia to see old friends. The weather there is much unlike the weather in Kansas. While we stay shivering, she goes and visits ice sculptures to get a break from the heat.

From first glance, Candace Hayes’ Thanksgiving looks like the traditional turkey day, however if you look more closely you’ll see some dishes varying from the normal meal. She mixes in her Puerto Rican heritage in with arroz y gandules (rice and pigeon peas), sancocho (a pumpkin stew), and platanos (fried plantains). These great additions make the Hayes Thanksgiving their own original creation.

Whatever you do for the holiday, make sure to take a little time out of the day to reflect on what you should be thankful for and make the most out of your Thanksgiving break.