Tony Trent: District Student of the Year

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On April 21, 2012 Tony Trent a Senior, was presented with the District Student of the Year award for his amazing debate and forensics skills and success. Trent has been debating and forensicating since his freshman year. Over the past four years Trent has achieved monumental success in a multitude of tournaments, and pretty much in anything he wants to win. Amongst these tournaments have been 6A state tournaments, national qualifiers, and nationals.

“This award has shown me my hard work in forensics has not only resulted in material success, but a sense of character recognized by the East Kansas community,” Trent said.

In his spare time, Tony likes to read poetry and discuss philosophy.

For his final year in Debate in Forensics, Trent has managed to qualify himself to nationals in three different events that test his critical thinking and speaking skills on all different levels. Which just goes to show how well rounded of an individual Trent has become over the years during his pursuits in Debate and Forensics.

“There’s a lot of work in and outside of class that needs to be done for it to happen. Not to mention all the invitationals for competition,” Trent said.


Currently Trent is ranked twenty-fifth in the nation in terms of National Forensics League points. Trent looks forward to competing in nationals in the Student Congress portion, as he can only choose one event. Trent has truly exemplified the role of an Olathe Northwest Debater and Forensicator.


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