Veterans Day Assembly-Remembering Those Who Have Served

ONW’s Chorale performing “Remember My Song”

Last Friday juniors and seniors were invited to a Veterans Day assembly. It was a great reminder to thank those who have served, are serving, and going to serve for our country to protect our freedom. The assembly contained special performances by Baker’s Speech Choir and our own Olathe Northwest Chorale that were dedicated to those who serve over seas. We were blessed to hear from Marine Corps soldier who severed for 10 years and is now in the reserve. He gave a talk about all the cool places and experiences that occurred during his time over in Japan and he now lives in Olathe, Kansas. He really encouraged the students to fight for what they believe in, even if that means going against the crowd.


We also honored Cale Miller’s family. Cale was a 23-year-old private first class in the U.S. Army who died from injuries suffered in a combat mission in Afghanistan on May 24 and he went to Olathe Northwest and was in the graduating class of 2007. There is now a plaque placed out in front of our flagpole honoring his sacrifice that he took for our country.


After the assembly everyone walked out being reminded that with our freedom there has been sacrifice and we must remember those whose lives were taken to protect ours.