Why use Tumblr?

img_logo_bluebg_2xThere are many social networking sites up and running with the teenage generation existing now. These networks include: Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Instagram, Pinterest, and Flickr. The newest and slowly rising network would be the media site with the name of “Tumblr.”

Tumblr is used to meet new people, and to express feelings/interests. Others even use Tumblr as a personal blog to keep their artistic portfolios organized. Bottom line, collecting pictures through self-expression is what this network is mainly about.

The characteristic that makes this site so unique, is that Tumblr mostly focuses on privacy. Online profiles provide users with the oldest privacy control strategy: security through obscurity and multiple pseudonymity.

Tumblr proves that the issue is less about public vs. private and more about whether you are findable by people you know in real life. A large percentage of Tumblr users actually don’t want an audience, and only want to be found by a few of their close friends.

It is important to note that Tumblr isn’t replacing any of the other social networks. It’s merely siphoning off the ideas of liking and sharing, and this especially pertains to young americans.

As long as Mom sees you on Facebook occasionally, she isn’t going to think to look for you on another site… which will free young users to act out on a stage that seems more private to them despite being on the open web.