Yearbooks: The Wait Is Over

By Tressa McIff

ONW students stand in line to collect their yearbooks. (Tressa McIff/Raven Daily Reporter)

Current and recently graduated Olathe Northwest (ONW) students flocked to the school on Thursday to collect their memories from the past year in the form of 300 page yearbooks.

Yearbooks cost $50 and are available for students to pick up at registration for the next school year.  Many students are frustrated that yearbooks aren’t available at the end of the year that they represent.  It can be aggravating having to wait to get yearbooks, especially for seniors. Sophia Saunders, an upcoming junior at ONW, said that she misses being able to write notes in her friends’ yearbooks at the end of the year.  “It’s very upsetting” not being able to look back at notes from friends in the yearbook, Saunders said.

However, getting a yearbook is still worth the wait to many students.  “It’s a good reminder of all the memories I made that year,” Saunders said.  Yearbooks can help students recall clubs and activities they were involved in, look back on friendships they made, and remember teachers that helped them through high school.

High school yearbooks can be especially important to freshmen and seniors.  For freshmen, it’s a great way to look back on their first year of high school and be able to watch their growth in the future.  “It was my first year at ONW so I want to save some memories,” Sriya Sontineni, an upcoming sophomore, said. As for seniors, it can be important to remember their last year of high school and be able to reflect back on their high school experience as a whole later in life.

Yearbooks are also very special to the people who helped create them.  “I was on yearbook so it was really cool to see how all of our hard work paid off,” Abbey Lawler said.  Creating the yearbook involves a lot of tough labor, but is also really fun. It’s cool being able to see behind the scenes of clubs and activities, Lawler said.

As you grow older, yearbooks can be a great tool for looking back on high school and seeing how much you’ve grown.  Students definitely keep this in mind when they consider purchasing a yearbook. In fact, many students already do this themselves.  “I still look back on my middle school, elementary [yearbooks],” Sontineni said.

New yearbooks are available every year so you will have more chances to get one in the future if you didn’t this year.  There are also typically yearbooks left over from past years, so you may be able to get one that you missed from the past.