RPO – Parent Information

Meeting Dates:


June 4 (6 pm dinner meeting)

Principal Roundtable dates:




Parent Information

The RPO supports many school-wide activities throughout the year.  If you would like to more information or want to provide support, please contact the following:

Freshmen Directors

Stacey Coad                 scoad12@me.com

Shannon McCormick   m_s_mccormick@msn.com

Sophomore Directors

Samantha Moore        moore71502@yahoo.com

Darcy Carlstedt           darcy.carlstedt@gmail.com

  • Homecoming

Junior Directors

Heidi Cashman            heidicashman68@gmail.com

Beth Kline                     bethkline@reecenichols.com

  • Concessions
  • Prom

Senior Directors

JoAnn Colt                   joann@mackcolthomes.com

Melanie Morgan         melaniemorgan7@gmail.com

  • Senior Class activities


Beth McCoach            mcoach@evererstkc.net

Cristi Dinkel                cristidinkel@yahoo.com

  • Staff & Teacher appreciation and meals