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Safe and Civil ONW

Safe & Civil Schools Overview

The Safe & Civil Schools is designed to help school staff improve safety and civility across all school settings. By so doing, school personnel lay a foundation to engage students and enhance learning.

The goal is to empower school staff with techniques to help all students engage responsibly and respectfully.

The beliefs include:

  1. All students must be treated with dignity and respect.
  2. Students should be taught the skills and behaviors necessary for success.
  3. Motivation and responsibility should be encouraged through positive interactions and building relationships with students.
  4. Student misbehavior/lack of engagement represents a teaching opportunity.

The processes include:

  1. Using data. Objective information about behavior/engagement is more reliable than labels, conclusions, or stereotypes.
  2. Structuring for success. All school settings should be organized to promote successful behavior from students.
  3. Collaboration. Helping students behave/engage responsibly is the shared responsibility of all school staff.
  4. Self-reflection. If student behavior/engagement is irresponsible, school staff should reflect on what they can do to help students.

These processes and beliefs form a structure for procedures that help prevent students from “falling through the cracks” into school failure.

Procedures can be categorized into three levels:

  • Schoolwide (affecting all students in all settings)
  • Classroom (for teachers in their own classroom)
  • Individual (specifically tailored to meet the needs of individual students)


Rational (Mission Statement and Guiding Principles)

Our mission statement here at Olathe Northwest is to empower students to meet the challenges of the 21st century.  We do this through our guiding principles of rigor and relevance, respectful relationships, professional collaboration, and lifelong learning.  It is our vision to create a sustainable culture of kindness that will enhance our student success in learning and confidence in college and career readiness.

Goal 2013-2014 school year:

It is our vision to create a sustainable culture of kindness that will not only enhance our student’s success in learning, but will also foster an environment that is rigorous and relevant and relationship oriented in order to meet the challenges in post-secondary opportunities.  With this in mind the Safe and Civil school team created a yearlong plan.

Throughout the year, school administration and staff focus on the positives within our Raven community through the Raven Prop Box. The school participates in assemblies, hosts guest speakers, and incorporates pro-social learning into seminar times. ONW Raven Pride tweets the inspirational theme of the week each Monday and The Safe and Civil Schools committee focuses on a theme each month to reinforce the “one Raven family” culture at Olathe Northwest.


Safe and Civil ONW:

Thank you to our e-Communication students for filming the video to kick-off our school wide focus on safe and civil!


Submit – The Documentary:

Submsubmit awardsit The Documentary is now available for viewing here online. This excellent film focuses on cyberbullying – what it is, the effects, and the solutions.  Please view the video below, and also check out their website for more resources and information: